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What is ActiveFit?
The ActiveFit app provides a mobile companion to the member portal allowing users to:
  • Activity tracking for gym activities and steps
  • Management of your fitness facilities
  • Access to incentive payment information
  • Motivational messaging to keep your workouts on track

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Does it cost me anything to download ActiveFit?
No. There are no fees to download ActiveFit. To leverage the app and receive incentives, you must be enrolled in a participating insurance plan offering the program. If you utilize a gym, you must have a current membership.

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How do I contact Advanta Member Services?
You can contact Advanta Member Services at or (201) 351-7850, extension 1, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.

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Can I delete the ActiveFit app at any time?
Yes. There is no obligation to keep ActiveFit on your mobile phone. However, keep in mind that once deleted, the app will no longer track your activities and some program data may be lost. If you are using ActiveFit, your attendance data is directly transmitted to your account. You will be able to see your activity history, payment information and more on your smartphone. If you are not using ActiveFit, you will be able to view your activity history in the member portal.

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What technical requirements are there to use ActiveFit?
At the present time, ActiveFit is only supported by iPhone 5 and above with IOS 8 or above. If you use an Android device, your Android device must be version 5.0 or higher to use ActiveFit.

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Do I have to have GPS and Bluetooth enabled on my smartphone?
Yes. ActiveFit relies on geofencing technology to track your gym activities. In order to effectively track these activities, you will need to have Bluetooth and GPS location services enabled on your smartphone. To enable these, follow the steps in your smartphone's settings.

Instructions for iPhone Users
  • Location Services: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Enable “ALWAYS ON”
  • Bluetooth Service: Settings > General > Bluetooth > Enable "ON"

Instructions for Android Users
  • Location Services: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Select “ON” on the top of your screen
  • Bluetooth Service: Settings > Select Wireless & Networks > Tap “Bluetooth”

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Why did the app log me out?
Following an update to the app or operating system or after loss of power due to the battery dying or the phone being turned off, the app may require you to log in. If you need assistance with logging in, a link on the login screen is provided to enable you to reset your password.

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Why do I see a message in the app that it cannot retrieve my data?
Each time the app is opened it makes a call to our servers to request the most current data for your account. Connectivity & server issues can cause intermittent slowness with this process. If the problem persists for you after you have changed locations to an area with “more bars” please contact Member Services at

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My spouse and or dependents are on my insurance plan, can they also use ActiveFit?
Eligible family members 18 years are older, may participate in the program. To enroll your eligible family members online, follow these steps:
  • Visit the online enrollment portal
  • Enter the information from your insurance card and your family member’s birthday
  • In Step (3) of the registration process, you will need to enter a different email address than the one you provided for your own registration
  • Continue to follow the prompts to complete enrollment

Once their enrollment is complete, your family members will be able to download ActiveFit from the App Store or Google Play store and log in with the user name and password that was set up in Step 3 of their enrollment.

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What if I disenroll or am no longer eligible for the program?
Eligibility for the program is based on members remaining enrolled in an eligible health plan, and on your health insurance provider offering the fitness incentive program. If, at any time, your insurance provider cancels the program, you will be notified and no further incentives will be earned.

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How many activities per day count towards my incentive goal?
You will receive credit for a maximum of one (1) activity per day. Additional activities occurring within the same day are not counted towards incentive goals.

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When should I expect my incentive?
Your incentive will be credited to your account within 60 days following each month you reach your incentive goal. Typically, payments are paid near the end of the month, and you will receive an email when incentives are issued. In some cases, depending on your paper bank statement cutoff date, the credit may not appear until the following month.

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How can I check my incentive credits?
Your payment history is available in your ActiveFit app. To access your payment history:
  • Open ActiveFit,
  • Select the “Menu” button and
  • Select “Payments”

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Why did I receive a partial payment as my first incentive credit?
Your start date for the program will either be the 1st or the 15th of a month depending on the date you register for the program. If your start date is the 15th of a given month, your first goal and incentive will be based on half a month (50% incentive for 50% of monthly goal). Thereafter, your usage and incentive will be based on a full month (e.g. August).

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Why did I not receive an incentive for a particular month?
There are a number of reason why an incentive might not be paid.
  • You did not achieve the required number of activities for the month. The monthly required “goal” is visible on your Activities screen.
  • You had activities that were rejected because the facility was not a verified facility on your account or the activity occurred on a day when another activity had already been awarded. Only one accepted activity is allowed per day and it must be at a facility in your verified clubs list.
  • You had sufficient activities but some remained pending or unverified. Activities must be verified if they are self-reported.
  • The month closed prior to receipt of necessary verification from your club. Advanta Health proactively follows up with clubs that are slow to report but we cannot guarantee they will submit reports in a timely manner

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How do I update my incentive payment account?
Your incentives are processed exclusively to your checking or savings account. To update your account on file,
  • Log into your online Member Portal
  • Click “Payment Account”
  • Tap “Edit” and update any applicable information, and
  • Click “Save”

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Why are activities not recording automatically for me?
Common reasons why activities may not record automatically are:
  • Location/GPS, Bluetooth and/or data are not enabled properly for the App
  • Smartphone not present or not powered on during the activity
  • Not logged into ActiveFit App at time of the activity
  • Fitness facility is not a verified facility in your profile
  • Current eligibility status doesn't allow activities to be accepted

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I checked my location and Bluetooth settings, but activities still don’t record.
Some facilities are located in areas where geolocations technology cannot get an accurate “fix” on the location. Advanta Member Services can verify the placement of the geofence “hotspot” for your facility is accurate. You can contact Advanta Member Services at

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Can I obtain verified activities from multiple facilities?
You may have multiple verified facilities associated with your account, however only one activity per day is counted towards your incentive.

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Can I attend a facility that is not in my verified facilities list?
No, if you attend a facility which does not appear in your verified facilities list, it will be rejected automatically by the system as an invalid activity.

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How are my activities captured by ActiveFit at my fitness facility?
Advanta uses geofencing technology to create a “hot spot” surrounding your facility. ActiveFit will trigger an activity when you enter the geofence. For best results, open ActiveFit and ensure your locations services (GPS) are enabled before you enter.
Your normal facility check-in process (for example scanning your facility membership card) will not result in an activity recorded in ActiveFit. If your facility is located in an area where geofencing technology is unreliable, we may place a beacon as an alternate method of automatically tracking your activities. The beacon uses Bluetooth technology to determine your presence at the gym.

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I'm checking in every time at my fitness facility, why aren't activities recording automatically?
Please see above, since ActiveFit uses geofencing technology, your facility check-in process will not result in a activity recorded in ActiveFit.

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How long does it take before my activity records in ActiveFit?
Generally, your activity will be recorded and accepted by the end of your workout. This time can vary depending on the geographical location of your facility and other technical barriers which may be out of our control. Don’t worry. If your activity does not register, you can self-report your activity through the app.

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If I chose to have my attendance tracked with ActiveFit during enrollment must I bring my smartphone into the facility?
Yes. You will need to bring your smart phone into the facility in order for your activity to be recorded.

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What happens if I forget to bring my smartphone to the facility?
If you forget to bring your smartphone to your facility, you have the option to self-report your missing activities to Advanta. Advanta does reserve the right to verify your self-reported activities. In some cases, we will be able to check with the facility in other cases you may need to provide a printout from the facility of your attendance for verification.

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Do I have to open the ActiveFit app prior to entering my facility?
Yes. You will be required to open ActiveFit on your smartphone prior to entering your facility. Please always ensure that your GPS location services and Bluetooth are enabled to ensure your activity is recorded.

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I just installed ActiveFit, why are my activities are not tracking?
Please note that ActiveFit functionality will be fully enabled on your program start date. Until your start date, the application will not allow access to activity functions, as below, and in some cases may cease functioning if you attempt to use functions that have not been enabled.

Until your start date:
  • Download ActiveFit
  • Review your profile information and app settings
  • Review the program’s Privacy Policy and EULA

On your start date, the following application functions will engage:
  • Activity tracking
  • Self-reporting
  • SmartWalking
  • Payment History

You will receive a confirmation of your start date in an email which will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

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Is there a duration requirement for a activity to count?
Yes, your activity must be at least 20 minutes to be accepted as a verified activity.

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How is activity duration determined?
The duration of your activity is determined by the app periodically rechecking your smartphone’s position after you have crossed the geofence boundary or triggered a facility beacon. If you remain within the same geofence/beacon area for at least 20 minutes, a activity is verified by the system.

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Why is my gym membership pending?
In order to obtain credit for gym visits, we must receive verification of your active membership from your gym. Membership status remains pending until your gym confirms your membership for us.

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How can I add another gym/facility?
If you already have a gym designated. You may add/remove additional facilities through the My Facilities tools in the Member Portal and mobile app. If you do not have a gym designed, you will need to add your first facility through the Member Portal.

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How do I self-report an activity?
To self-report your activity:
  • Open ActiveFit
  • Open the “Menu”
  • Select “Self-Reporting”
  • Tap on the date you would like to self-report
  • Enter the “Time and “Time Spent”
  • Click “Submit for review”

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Why is my activity showing as pending?
If you self-report a activity after you have left the facility or the app cannot confirm your location, your activity is set into a pending status for verification. If your facility provides usage reports, your pending activities are verified when your facility submits their monthly usage report (typically after the end of the month). In some cases, Advanta may ask you to submit a usage summary directly from your facility to verify a self-reported activity. If you self-report a current activity while at your facility (for example, you self-report a activity for January 14th, on January 14th while at your verified facility) the activity will be automatically verified and accepted.

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Can I add or remove facilities in my account?
Yes, you may designate multiple facilities in your account. Only the activities to facilities that you designate will be recorded and accepted. The first facility you designate becomes your primary facility. Your primary facility can only be managed from the member portal. Non-primary verified facilities can be managed either from the mobile app or the member portal.

To add or remove facilities from the ActiveFit app:

Add an additional facility: Open ActiveFit Menu > Map > Tap on your facility > Add Club
Remove a facility: Open ActiveFit Menu > Tap on a date > Manage My Facility > Toggle off

To add or remove facilities from the Member Portal:

  • Login to the Member Portal
  • Select “My Verified Clubs”
  • To add a facility: Search by zip code, click on the facility icon and select “Add club”
  • To delete a facility: Locate the facilities you would like to remove under “Approved Clubs” and click the delete button on the left

Please note: If you would like to update your primary fitness facility, you will need to log into your member portal.

To update your primary fitness facility:
Log in to your portal > Find another facility > select facility and follow prompts. You will receive a confirmation email upon completion.

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How do I find a participating fitness facility?
To find a participating fitness facility:
  • Open your ActiveFit app
  • Select “Maps” from the drop down menu
  • Search the network of participating facilities by zip code

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How can I change my primary fitness facility?
To change your Primary Facility:
  • Go to your Member Portal
  • Click the "Log In Here" button on the top right
  • Enter the email address and password associated with your account
  • Under Helpful Links select "Find Another Facility"
  • Search by zip code
  • Click on "Select a Facility" to choose or nominate your Preferred Facility

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What if I am already a member of a fitness facility that is not listed?
If you attend a fitness facility that is not listed on our map, you may nominate that location for inclusion in ActiveFit. Please allow up to seven business days for Advanta to screen your nominated fitness facility. As long as it meets our standard facility criteria, we will approve the location and notify you that you can begin using the mobile app. To nominate a fitness facility:
  • Log into your online Member Portal
  • Select “Find Another Facility”
  • Select “Click Here”
  • Fill out the contact information for your desired club
  • Click “Submit”

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What if I don’t currently have a fitness facility membership?
You can search participating facilities:
  • Open your ActiveFit app
  • Select “Maps” from the drop down menu
  • Search the network of participating facilities by zip code.

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How do I setup my health app with SmartWalking?
The following document contains step-by-step instructions for connecting Fitbit®, Google Fit™ and Apple® Health to SmartWalking. Instructions for setting up health apps.

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How do I ensure all my steps are captured in ActiveFit?
ActiveFit obtains your step information from the health app you are using (Apple® Health, Google Fit™ or Fitbit®) whenever you open the home screen of ActiveFit. You may see differences in steps between your health app and ActiveFit depending upon how frequently your data is being synchronized and if our system has completed its verification process.

With A Wearable
If you have a wearable fitness device tied to a compatible health app (Google Fit, Apple® Health, Fitbit®), make sure you synchronize the device with your health app on your phone first. Please check your wearable’s website for specific instructions on how to synchronize your device.
Once synchronization is complete, open ActiveFit home screen and then navigate to the SmartWalking screen to view the steps from your health app in ActiveFit.

Without A Wearable
If you do not use a wearable and steps are not matching, open your health app and then open the ActiveFit app home screen. This will enable the health app to update before ActiveFit attempts to retrieve the information.

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Why don’t the steps in my wearable/health app match what I see in ActiveFit App?
Accuracy in step data requires your health app is synchronized for ActiveFit to receive accurate steps. If you have a wearable device it must be synchronized with your health app since steps are not obtained from the wearable itself. Verifying accurate steps in your health app before opening the ActiveFit home screen will ensure data is updated and accurate.

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What should I do if steps don't appear accurately after 24 hours?
After verifying the steps appear properly in your health app, Member Services at so we can troubleshoot any issues you may encounter.

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Why do I have less steps in ActiveFit than I think I should?
The validation of steps involves a number of check points. This process is typically finished within 24 hours when our final overnight validation is completed. If you continue to see discrepancies, please try the synchronization process above or contact Member Services at

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Is ActiveFit compatible with other health apps (Garmin®, Android Wear, etc.)?
Currently ActiveFit is compatible with Google Fit™, Apple® Health and Fitbit®. Other health apps may offer compatibility with Google Fit™ and Apple® Health. We recommend checking the specific health app’s website to determine if your health app can send data to one of these other apps. We are in a continual state development to improve and expand the ActiveFit offering and will alert members should integrations with new health apps become available.

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How can I change the permissions I gave to ActiveFit from my health app?
Permission settings must be changed through your health app’s settings:
  • Fitbit®– Visit – Account Settings > Applications
  • Apple® Health – open Apple® Health app > Sources > ActiveFit
  • Google Fit™ – open Google Fit™ app > Profile > Manage Connected Apps

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Can I manually enter steps or self-report steps if I forget to wear my device or carry my phone?
No, ActiveFit accepts only device recorded steps from an approved health app. Self-reported and manually added steps are not accepted by ActiveFit. We strongly recommend that you report any discrepancies to Member Services at so we can troubleshoot any issues you may encounter.

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Do I have to share all my health app information with the ActiveFit App?
No, when you configure your health app to share data with ActiveFit, you can choose to not share specific information. We recommend sharing steps, at a minimum, to ensure you get credit for all the healthy choices you are making.

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Do I have to use the SmartWalking feature?
No, SmartWalking is an optional feature of ActiveFit, however it is required for using other features such as the Walgreens Balance® Rewards program.

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Do I have to have a fitness wearable device to participate in SmartWalking?
No, you can connect your health app account and track steps using your smartphone. This will require that you are using either Google Fit™ or Apple® Health with your smartphone and that your smartphone has the ability to track step activity. Your smartphone must be with you to track step activity.

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Can I change my wearable/health app settings?
Yes, you can update your device/app in the settings screen of the ActiveFit app. We recommend you make this change at the end of the day after you have synchronized your steps completely. Once the health app permissions are changed, you will not be able to synchronize any steps for the previous health app.

Please use the following guidelines to minimize any loss of steps:
  • Review the last 30-days of activity in My Activities and make sure your steps are showing properly
  • Use the On Demand Step Synchronization tool to synchronize any days missed
  • Change your Health App from My Settings at the end of the day after you have completed your steps

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What if I have two health app accounts?
You will need to choose one account to link to ActiveFit.

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How does SmartWalking work?
The ActiveFit SmartWalking feature allows you to connect your online health app information to your ActiveFit account enabling you to see step-related data in your ActiveFit app.

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How do I know if my wearable device is compatible with ActiveFit?
ActiveFit is configured to work with Fitbit®, Apple® Health and Google Fit™ accounts. If your wearable device uses one of these platforms, you can connect it to ActiveFit with a few easy steps.

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Do my steps count as verified activities?
Participation in SmartWalking is determined by the group, if you do not see SmartWalking as an option in the ActiveFit navigation, your group is not currently offering this program.

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How many steps are required to achieve an approved activity?
The number of steps required is defined by your group, please contact Member Services at if you have any questions about your program requirements. .

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Why are my SmartWalking steps missing or not synchronizing properly?
Accuracy in step data requires your health app is synchronized for ActiveFit to receive accurate steps. If you have a wearable device it must be synchronized with your health app since steps are not obtained from the wearable itself. Verifying accurate steps in your health app before opening the ActiveFit home screen will ensure data is updated and accurate.

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I forgot to synchronize my steps, what can I do?
ActiveFit provides an On-Demand synchronization tool. This tool is available for past days that occur within the last 7-days for your current health app.
  • Tap My Activities
  • Tap the date you need to synchronize
  • Tap “Sync Steps” in the SmartWalking card below the calendar
  • Confirm steps reported from health app in the modal window that appear
  • Steps will show as updated in My Activities

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Why don’t I see an option to Sync steps for some days?
On Demand Synchronization will appear for days that meet the following criteria:
  • Date occurs in the past
  • Date is not more than 30-days in the past
  • The health app you currently use was authorized on that date

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Why don’t I see SmartWalking in my app?
The SmartWalking feature is provided at the discretion of each group. Contact your HR department if you have questions.

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Do I have to have GPS and Bluetooth enabled on my smartphone if I only use SmartWalking?
No, SmartWalking relies on the step data that is synchronized with your selected health app*. To disable GPS & Bluetooth, follow these steps in your smartphone’s settings:

Instructions for iPhone Users
  • Location Services: Settings > Privacy > Location > disable “ALWAYS ON”
  • Bluetooth Service: Settings > General > Bluetooth > disable "ON"

Instructions for Android Users
  • Location Services: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Select “ON” on the top of your screen
  • Bluetooth Service: Settings > Select Wireless & Networks > Tap “Bluetooth”

*Please note that if you chose to attend a fitness facility at a later date, you will be required to enable these permissions.

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Are there troubleshooting tips for Apple Health/Apple Watch missing or zero steps?
You can use the screenshots below to verify that data sources are properly prioritized to pull data from your preferred device and that there are no duplicate devices listed that may override the step data ActiveFit is trying to extract from Apple Health.

To view the data sources you have setup for specific health categories:
  • Open the Health app and tap the Health Data tab
  • Tap a category, like Activity. If you don’t see the category, swipe down to reveal the search bar, then enter a category
  • Tap a data type, like Steps
  • Tap Data Sources & Access. Only the sources that contribute to the data type will appear

Apple Step Sources

To see all sources:
  • Open the Health app and tap the Sources tab
  • Tap an app or device
  • Choose categories that you want the source to access or update in the Health app

To define which data sources Health uses first, prioritize them by:
  • Open the Health app and tap the Health Data tab
  • Tap a category, like Activity
  • Tap a data type, like Steps
  • Tap Data Sources & Access, then tap Edit
  • Touch and hold Menu next to a data source, then drag it up or down in the list.
  • To turn off a data source so that it doesn't contribute any more data for that category, tap the checkmark next to the source
  • Tap Done

If multiple sources contribute the same data type, then the data source at the top will take priority over other sources. Any new apps or devices that you add go to the top of the list automatically, above your iPhone
After completing this, please open up ActiveFit and Apple Health to see if step data has updated.

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Are there troubleshooting tips for Google Fit showing zero steps?

Step 1:

Open the GoogleFit app.

Google Fit Settings

Step 2:

Go to the Profile section and tap on the Settings icon.

Google Fit Profile

Step 3:

Under Settings, go to "Tracking Preferences" and make sure that "Track your activities" is enabled.


Step 4 (Optional, doing the instructions above does not guarantee us that the synchronization will be immediate):

Usually Google Fit will try to synchronize with their servers when the phone is above 50% of battery life and is connected to WiFi.

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Are there troubleshooting tips for Fitbit showing zero steps?
Review settings and synchronization in
  • Login to with the same credentials you used to setup Fitbit in the app (we need to make sure you are looking at the same account)
  • Check the dashboard and see if you have steps appearing

  • Fitbit Dashboard

  • If no steps appear on the graph – bring phone and fitbit next to each other and perform a sync. The steps should appear in the graph once that is done correctly
  • If, the above doesn’t work – check a few other screens in and then retry the sync if one of these is the problem
  • Click on Settings icon in top right of screen - verify the device matches the device/wearable you are using

  • Fitbit Devices

  • Click on Manage Account Access - verify Proper phone appears as logged in to Fitbit
  • Click on Applications verify ActiveFit appears as an authorized application

Fitbit Account Access

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What is ActiveFit@Home?
ActiveFit@Home is a feature within ActiveFit that allows you to earn an activity towards your incentive goal while working out in the comfort of your own home.

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Do I have to have a Smartphone to use ActiveFit@Home?
Yes, ActiveFit@Home relies on a real-time geo-location time stamp. In order to effectively track these activities, you will need to have GPS location services enabled on your smartphone.

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How do I record my ActiveFit@Home workout in ActiveFit?
To earn an accepted activity for your at-home workout:
  • Locate the new "ActiveFit@Home" option in the main menu in ActiveFit.
  • Tap the "Get Started" button to open your camera and take a post-workout selfie.
  • Once you have previewed your photo and are happy with it, please click "Upload".
  • The photo, along with a geo-location time stamp, will allow us to accept your activity!
  • Please allow 24-48 hours for your ActiveFit@Home activity to be accepted.
  • Please note: If you take a photo today but submit it for a previous date, that activity will remain in a pending status and may not be accepted.
Your approved ActiveFit@Home image, along with our geo-location time stamp, will allow us to accept your activity!

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Why don’t I see ActiveFit@Home in my ActiveFit app?
Please ensure that your ActiveFit app is up to date with the latest version. Please try logging out of ActiveFit and logging back in with your username and password.

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Do I have to allow access to my Smartphone’s camera to use ActiveFit@Home?
Yes, ActiveFit will request permission to access your camera to use ActiveFit@Home. To enable camera permissions, follow these steps in your Smartphone settings:

Instructions for iPhone Users
  • Phone Settings -> Scroll down and locate ActiveFit -> Enable Camera

Instructions for Android Users
  • Settings Screen click Permissions -> Camera -> Allow

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Why wasn’t my image accepted?
Common reasons why your image may not be accepted:
  • We were unable to determine your location.
  • Your ActiveFit@Home workout was submitted for a previous day.
  • Your image does not comply with our standards for appropriate content.

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Why did ActiveFit@Home disappear from my ActiveFit app?
ActiveFit@Home was implemented to provide our members with an alternative option of reporting physical activity while all fitness facilities are closed. This feature may not be available once your fitness facility reopens.

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